Prague Residents Clean Up After Earthquake

Monday, November 7th 2011, 7:08 pm
By: News 9

Chris McKinnon, News 9

PRAGUE, Oklahoma -- Residents in Prague, Oklahoma continued to clean up on Monday after two strong earthquakes hit the area.

"All of a sudden it just seemed like the whole North side of our house just exploded," said Sandra Ladra.

Sandra and her son were sitting watching television in their living room Saturday when Oklahoma's strongest earthquake on record struck. They said their house shook and sent debris from their fireplace crashing to the floor, a chunk of rock land on top of Sandra, who was sitting just feet away from the stone chimney.

"It was just, rocks was coming down and it's just everything was making such a loud noise, it was really scary," explained Ladra."It actually landed kind of in my lap and it made two large hematomas, they said, on my legs. Then on my knee it took out a chunk and they put about nine to twelve stitches."

Her husband, Gary, was in the basement when the quake hit. He said it severed a waterline, flooding the basement. "The basement seemed to move at least 12 to 13 inches. The walls were moving up and down," Ladra explained.

The family returned home Monday afternoon, they have a hole in their roof and a pile of rubble in their living room, reliving what happened Saturday night.

"I was scared. I really thought that there was no way we were going to make it," said Ladra.

Unfortunately the family does not have earthquake insurance so they are left to pick up the pieces but Sandra is happy she and her family are safe.

The Ladra's home was just one of the many structures damages after Saturday night's earthquake. Monday officials were still surveying reports of damage through the Prague area. So far, they say there is no major structural damage.

"They have cracks in the sheet rock. The brick is pulling off the buildings," said Jim Greff. "From what I understand, none of them have been considered substantially damaged. We're still looking; we know there are people out there that have some damage that may not have been reported."

Prague City Hall and the library suffered minor damage but nothing threatening their structural integrity. The local Red Cross here says their response has been minimal at this time but some houses have been deemed not safe.

Joyce Anderson with the American Red Cross in Prague said her organization's response has been relatively minimal but they did check out several home to look for more substantial damage.

"That would be if the foundation has shifted, and, mobile homes where they have shifted on the foundation. It may not be sturdy enough to withstand another earthquake," explained Anderson.

Authorities said homeowners and business owners who have damage need to make sure they report it so they can come out and survey the area to make sure it is safe to be in.