News 9’s Ed Murray Demonstrates What To Do During Earthquake

Tuesday, November 8th 2011, 8:29 pm
By: News 9

We've heard from many of you asking us what exactly do you do when you feel an earthquake hit?

Research shows most injuries happen when people attempt to move around inside a building or try to leave. We learn from an early age what to do when we hear that. But Mary Jane Coffman of the Red Cross said No. 1 with both, plan ahead with a designated safe place.

"During an earthquake, the safe places would be away from bookcases, away from large mirrors, away from lights, anything that could fall, away from a chimney or a fireplace that could fall in," Coffman said.

Basically, if you're in bed, stay there.

"Pull your pillow over and protect your head. Teach your kids, too. You're much less likely to get hurt if you kind of just stay there and ride it out than if you go racing around," Coffman said.

Most doorways are not structurally sound enough to protect you.

"If you can identify a table or something like that that you can get under, you're supposed to drop, cover, and hold on," said Coffman. "If there's not a table or something, if you can get to an interior wall that doesn't have any picture frames or bookcases or anything like that and kind of just up against that wall,"

If you're already outside, simply back away.

" A lot of times it's not going to fling things. Things will fall off, and so just getting away from the building, or trees, or power lines is what you want to do," Coffman said.

The Red Cross has a team ready to help your business develop an earthquake plan.

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