Oklahoma Earthquake Takes Its Toll On Our Pets

Tuesday, November 8th 2011, 11:28 pm
By: News 9

People aren't the only ones on edge. The earthquakes are also stressing out our pets.

News 9 got a flood of emails and calls about pets going crazy before and after the recent quakes. Just like a thunderstorm or snow, Mother Nature takes a toll on animals.

"A lot of times the dog will just become restless, pacing back and forth, some can become real clingy and not want to leave their owner's sides," said Dr. Kim Park, an Oklahoma City veterinarian.

Park advises you pet them and provide reassurance. If your dog is anything like Kathryn Leman's, chances are it felt the recent quakes coming.

"My dogs immediately come to living room and were barking and were so afraid. I tried to calm them down because I could tell it was an earthquake," Leman said.

Vets said some of our four-legged friends can feel the pressure before we feel the actual shaking. Watch your pets closely for signs of distress include loss of appetite or shaking.

Geologists said it's possible we'll have another large quake. But it's more likely they'll get smaller and spread further apart.


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