River of Human Waste Fills Edmond Home

Wednesday, November 9th 2011, 9:43 pm
By: News 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma – Oklahoma has seen it's share of natural disasters, but it is an unnatural disaster that one Edmond family is dealing with. And, it's pretty disgusting.

The Mullins family is cleaning up human waste that backed up into their home. They blame the city's sewer, but the city says it's not responsible.

A river of raw sewage was flowing through the Mullins home for about 3 hours on Monday. When they went to the City of Edmond for help, The Mullins say the city couldn't have cared less.

"I said that can't be trying to go out … that's coming in," said Edmond homeowner John Mullins as he reviewed a home video of excrement piling up in his home.

The sight is one thing. The Mullins say the smell is even worse. Feces and urine invaded the Mullins home caused by a blockage in the raw sewage line.

"We'd been sweeping for about … an hour and a half," said Mullins. "[I] had cramps in my back [and] arms."

It was a race against time as the Mullins pushed the sewage out of their home and created a makeshift dam of towels and garbage bags to direct the sewage outside.

John Mullins and his wife say they made several calls to the City of Edmond looking for help. Instead, they were forced to play the waiting game as they worked to keep the sewage flowing out.

The city eventually unplugged its line and left Mullins with lots of questions over who's responsible. The next day, Tuesday, Mullins says he was told it's not the city's problem.

"I've lived here for 36 years," said Mullins. "It will always be home, but I'm disappointed not only in [the fact that the incident happened] but [by] the way I was treated.

News 9 called Edmond to get some answers, but a city spokesperson says she doesn't know much because the city is still investigating the matter. The city did say the Mullins could be responsible if the blockage happened on their property even though the sewer line belongs to Edmond.

"I don't know what my options are," said Mullins

For now, the Mullins continue pressing for answers and disinfecting their home. The Mullins say the water damage is extensive. The sewage even entered the AC ducts. On top of all of that, they say their insurance will not cover sewage backup.

Right now the Mullins don't even know if it's safe to stay in their home. They say they asked the city for advice, but the city did not give them any recommendations.