Testimony Heard In Oklahoma City Baby's Murder Hearing

Wednesday, November 16th 2011, 5:05 pm
By: News 9

A teenager accused of killing his baby sister appeared in court Wednesday. Thirteen-year-old Crystian Rivera is charged with murdering the nine-month-old after she interrupted him playing a video game last August.

Rivera has been charged as an adult, but his attorneys are arguing he should be tried as a youthful offender. The judge said he will hear that motion December 16th.

Wednesday's hearing was to decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial.

Rivera arrived at the hearing in a red jumpsuit, the color juvenile inmates wear.

His mother and stepfather were not in court because they could be called as witnesses in the trial. They also face charges of child neglect in the case.

Police detective Robert Davis who investigates crimes against children testified Wednesday. He said he interviewed Rivera, his mother, Linda Beletzuy, and his stepfather, Carlos Beletzuy. He said both Rivera and his mother changed their stories about what happened to the nine-month-old back in August.

Davis testified that Rivera told him he was left home to baby sit his four-year-old brother and nine-month-old sister while his parents went to work. Davis also said Rivera admitted to shaking his sister and that her head struck the railing of the bed.

A confession taken by police may be entered as evidence, but Rivera's attorney's are trying to have it thrown out.

The judge said he will not make a ruling if Rivera should be bound over for trial until after it is determined if he will be tried as a youthful offender or as an adult.