Girls Trapped Under OKC School Elevator Thought They Would Die

Wednesday, November 16th 2011, 11:24 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Emergency crews released the frantic 911 call made as an elevator came down on three girls who were trapped in the elevator shaft.

Those girls came within inches of being crushed.

The three best friends wandered through the open door of the elevator shaft during their lunch break. But once they were inside, the door slammed shut and locked; sending the elevator above down on top of them.

"I was just trying to calm everyone down but inside I was freaking out," said 12-year-old Savanna who made that 911 from inside the shaft.

Classmates say they could hear the girls' terrifying screams throughout the school.

"They started screaming when the elevator started to come down," said Camden High.

The girls first tried to stop the elevator by pushing on the bottom. That didn't work.

"The first thing I thought of is if we can all lay down, eventually it can stop from crushing us," said Savanna.

But the elevator kept coming down.

"I pretty much thought that we were going to die and me and my friends actually said goodbye to each other under there," said Savanna.

Savanna thinks her boot, which she tried to wedge between the floor and elevator may have been what finally caused the car to come to a stop. The elevator was now resting on her back. The girls could only wait for help.

"I just remember closing my eyes and feeling numb and not being able to move or speak or breathe and then I just kind of drifted off," said Savanna.

Savanna says it took about 45 minutes until rescuers were finally able to free her and her friends.

Savanna's foot that was in that boot was injured.

One of the other girls was also injured. She is still in the hospital tonight in good condition.