Mother Of Baby Killed In Edmond Foster Home Speaks Out

Thursday, November 17th 2011, 11:24 pm
By: News 9

Kala Whitecrow is breaking her silence two years after her daughter Naomi Whitecrow died in the care of her foster mother, Amy Holder. Holder was convicted of child abuse in the death, but will not serve any prison time.

Whitecrow said she is outraged and wants her voice heard.

"A lot of thoughts were going through my mind. All I could do was just scream," she said.

Her frustration turned to tears, and Whitecrow said she misses her two-year-old every day.

"Everything. Her smile. Her hair. Her little walk. Everything about her."

Naomi died while being in Holder's care. An autopsy showed she died from a head injury and had bruises on her face and body.

Whitecrow said she regrets decisions she made which put her child in Holder's care.

"I guess I blame myself," she said.

She admits that drug addiction forced the state to take her children.

"For them being in state custody, I thought they would be taken care of."

Whitecrow checked into a rehab facility, but said she left early. That decision, she said, put Naomi in Amy Holder's home.

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Six months later, Naomi was dead.

"If I would not have left, she would never have ended up there. She would have never been in Amy's home. If I could have stayed there and stuck it out, she would still be here."

Whitecrow said she recognizes her responsibility, but Holder does not.

"Why would you do that to my child? My child never done nothing to you."

Attempts to contact Holder in person or through her attorney were not successful.

Holder was sentenced to pay a $5,000 fine, register as a violent offender for ten years, pay $10,000 to the victims' compensation fund and $150 to an OSBI fund.


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