OKC Woman Ticketed For Noisy Vacuuming At Night

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 10:08 pm
By: News 9

An ongoing fight between neighbors ended up with police being involved.

Police ticketed a woman for vacuuming after her next door neighbor complained of noise. If you are cleaning late at night, apparently it'll cost you more than sleep, in Oklahoma City, $167 to be exact.

Shelly Armstrong doesn't throw big parties. She works late and admits on occasion, she may be a bit noisy.

"Some people live different hours," Armstrong said.

Her dog's bark is bigger than their bite. Armstrong spends her nights watching TV and on occasion, she cleans.

Armstrong's next door neighbor, Joe Green, demands quiet beginning at dusk.

"The guy is a jerk, he's harassed me for four years," Armstrong said.

Armstrong refuses to silence the dogs and the dishwasher. So Green leaves her time stamped notes reminding her to be quiet.

"Just like the notes I had from him, it was 9:30. I knew he was going to raise hell and I knew it was 9:30 because I was trying to do it before the 10 o'clock news was on, because he's in bed and I knew he would complain," Armstrong said.

So after the Homeowner's Association didn't act on Green's plea for peace, he took it to the police.

"He's very much a bully," Armstrong said.

Vacuuming will cost her green -- $167 worth.

We tried to talk to Green, but he didn't answer the door. Armstrong said it was past his bedtime.

Police said in order for them to issue a noise ordinance, the person complaining must sign the official complaint.