Consumer Watch: Movers Never Deliver Metro Mom's Belongings

Wednesday, November 23rd 2011, 11:11 pm
By: News 9

Amanda Taylor, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY – Lisa Meehan has big plans for her new home. Now, it sits empty and she's living out of suitcases because the moving company never delivered her belongings.

"I got a little loaned table and lamp, just the bare necessities and the lovely blow up mattresses we're sleeping on" Lisa Meehan said.

Back in September, Lisa paid Eagle Van Lines out of Texas a $1200 down payment to move everything she and her three children own from Amarillo to Oklahoma City.

The company was to store it for one month until she closed on her home. When Lisa was ready to move in this past October, she called Eagle.

"They notified me they had gone out of business and they didn't know where my items were," Meehan said. "It could be in Houston, it could be in Oklahoma City. It could be in Amarillo for all we know."

Friends recommended she call the Consumer Watch Team. So we got to work. No one with the now defunct Eagle Van Lines will return our calls. But with some digging, we've traced Lisa's belongings to a U-Haul storage facility in Stafford, Texas, just outside Houston. And U-Haul's helping. A spokesperson ensures us they'll keep her stuff safe. In the meantime, they're working with their legal department to find out how to quickly get her belongings up here to Oklahoma.

"These are your life long possessions and had I known better, there's things I wouldn't have put on that truck."

Bob Manista with the Better Business Bureau says when any company goes out of business, it's typically the customers who suffer and there wasn't much Lisa could have done to prevent this situation.

We're here to keep an eye out for you.

So before hiring a moving company:

• First get everything in writing. Make sure you and the company understand the obligation of the contract.

• Check the company's standing. The longer they've been in business, usually the better.

• And before the company arrives to pick up your stuff, video document everything they'll be moving.

• If something is irreplaceable, do not pack it. Instead, keep it with you.