Langston Officer Investigated For Passing Contraband To Inmate

Thursday, December 1st 2011, 7:45 pm
By: News 9

A spokesperson for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office confirms there is an ongoing investigation into a reserve officer of the Langston Police Department.

The officer's behavior at the Oklahoma County Jail just a few days ago is raising some questions.

The reserve officer is reported to have made a trip to the Oklahoma County Jail to visit a female inmate this week and may have slipped the woman contraband.

A Langston trustee, Dr. Alonzo Peterson, said the officer has been placed on leave effective immediately.

Preliminary reports indicate the officer logged into the Oklahoma County Jail to see an inmate but listed his agency as Logan instead of Langston in order to gain access to the female inmate.

The officer is said to have given the woman a cookie.

The Oklahoma Sheriff's office is investigating but it is unclear if the officer will be disciplined for giving an inmate contraband or misrepresenting himself.

The Langston trustee says the city and police department are cooperating with the Oklahoma County sheriff's investigation and the interim chief is expected to meet with the officer tomorrow.