Warr Acres Home Burglary Suspects Caught On Security Cameras

Monday, December 12th 2011, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

Police in Warr Acres say they need to identify two men who burglarized a home filled with technology that tracked their every move.

With burglaries in full swing as the holidays approach, many homeowners are experiencing the misery of feeling violated, but one recent burglary is a bit unique.

Police say they are cautiously optimistic that a certain piece of evidence will lead them directly to the criminals.

"It's scary," said homeowner Lee Rice. "Here you think you're safe. I'm just fortunate that [my family was] not here."

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Rice says he is just happy to be able to tell his story, but also feels completely helpless knowing a pair of men went through his family's belongings, stealing jewelry, a computer and a Buick Century. On Sunday, Rice returned to his Warr Acres home and instantly knew something wasn't right.

"My sister came in first through the garage and all the lights were on," Rice said.

Burglars forced open Rice's door and made their way into the home, but what the criminals didn't know was that they were being watched. Security cameras were rolling as these men pulled off the job.

"It's amazing to me how calm and cool they are," said Major High Osborn of the Warr Acres Police Department. "They're breaking into somebody's house, and they're just nonchalantly walking through."

The video from the camera was automatically saved on the Rice's computer, but the burglars stole the computer, so Rice had assumed the footage was gone forever. Much to his surprise, it wasn't gone.

"We found out later each one of the cameras had a memory card in them," said Rice.

For police, the memory cards are an early Christmas gift and one they hope will help solve the case.

"This was real clear quality," said Osborn. "It's clear enough that his mom will know it's him."

Warr Acres Police say they are seeing more and more cameras in homes. They estimate that about one in ten burglaries have video evidence that is key in prosecuting the crimes.

If you recognize the men in the video, you are urged to call Warr Acres Police at (405)-789-3329.