Amanda's Holiday Recipes: Peanut Butter Balls, Almond Brittle

Friday, December 16th 2011, 4:24 pm
By: News 9

1. Peanut Butter Balls:

This makes quite a few. I'd say you can get about 60 peanut butter balls out of one batch.


1 lb of powdered sugar

1 stick of melted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

2 cups creamy peanut butter

3 cups of rice krispies

milk chocolate chips - about 36 ounces (the original recipe only calls for about half that, but I used to run out, so you can try less, but do so at your own risk!)


Mix together powdered sugar, melted butter, vanilla, and peanut butter. Add rice krispies and mix well. Use your hands - it makes it easier!

Shape into 1" balls and chill at least two hours.

Melt chocolate chips and dip balls in melted chocolate. I use two forks to dip and lift. Then put on a tray lined with wax paper and put in the refrigerator to harden up.

2. Almond Brittle:

Now this recipe is a little trickier. I had a friend try it and she said she followed my instructions, but six minutes of cook time was too long - hers burned.

This is where your going to have to watch it closely and use your judgment on when to pull it off the heat. As soon as it changes from a blond color to a golden brown it's ready.


1 stick butter

1 cup sliced almonds

1/2 cup sugar

1 Tablespoon light Karo syrup


Prepare a round cake pan by lining it with aluminum foil and spray that with cooking spray.

I like to preheat a skillet over medium heat. Then dump all the ingredients in the skillet. You'll want to continue to stir this. Once the butter melts and it starts bubbling, set the timer. It'll take about 6 minutes to get done. This is one of those you're going to have to continue to stir and keep an eye on. Once it turns a golden color it's done. If it's a blonde color, it's not done yet.

Working quickly, spread into prepared pan. This will set fairly quickly. Within about 15 minutes you can break it up and enjoy!