OKC Family Receives The Gift Of Heat

Wednesday, December 21st 2011, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

Jennifer Pierce, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Some of us take it for granted when the weather turns cold the heater comes on, but that's not the case for all Oklahomans.

News 9 has teamed up with One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating to give three families the gift of heat this holiday season.

Ben Martin and his family were nominated--and won--a new heater from Deryk Ruth's One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating team.

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Ben recently lost his job. His wife Robin is a nurse who is working but recovering from two surgeries. On top of it all their furnace is rusty, dusty and old.

"We turned it on the first cold day, maybe a month ago, and realized it wasn't working," Ben said.

He had a friend replace a few small parts, but still has to tap on it to make it work.

Deryk looked it over and found the problem.

"Typically with a furnace, the control board is the most expensive part, so when you start talking about that kind of repair you probably know the expense associated with doing something like that.

It was an expense the Martins couldn't afford, yet he couldn't put his family through an entire winter not knowing if the flames that heat their home would last or even be safe.

"My oldest son is three and my youngest is one," Ben said. "If it was just me and her, it wouldn't be a big thing at all. We could throw another blanket on there and work with the heaters, but with them, it's a big problem."

Ben is grateful to win a new heater. He can now focus on giving his kids the Christmas they deserve.

"Not only does it make us happy and warm, it's gonna improve the value of my house. I know I have a nice, safe unit."