Heating Hearts Announces Second Winner

Thursday, December 22nd 2011, 6:16 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman endured days of cold weather after thieves ripped her furnace apart, but then someone nominated her for News 9's Heating Hearts contest.

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Paula Williams has been through a lot. She's in a wheelchair after having a foot amputated and suffers from short term memory due to a coma.

"Can't remember my own phone number. I've got it wrote down so I can tell bill collectors what's going on," she said.

Despite her hardships, she'll do anything to help someone, including letting strangers into her home.

"Sometimes somebody needs a place to live and they'll stay."

Her friend, Carlos, is living with her now, and helps around the house. But not everyone is so helpful.

Williams's former roommates tore all the copper wiring out of the furnace.

Now, her only source of heat is a space heater.

"Yeah, it keeps me pretty warm. I don't leave it on constantly. I turn it on and off to save electricity."

Because her heater can't be fixed, Williams's friends nominated her for a new one courtesy of One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating.

When the company's general manager broke the good news to her, Williams broke down.

"Oh, I'm happy. It's a happy cry. I don't cry very often because if I did, I would cry all the time.

But she doesn't have to cry anymore because her tears have been replaced with the gift of warmth.