Blind Woman's Seeing-Eye Dog Killed

Wednesday, January 4th 2012, 7:45 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman's seeing-eye dog vanished and then was found dead a full mile away from her home.

Sandi Webster lost her sight to disease about ten years ago, and her husband became her eyes. But he died soon after, and Webster was left by herself. She needed not just a companion, but someone to help her function again.

She traveled to California and spent a month training with a young Labrador retriever named Bolton. Webster and Bolton became fast friends, but that friendship was cut short this week when Bolton mysteriously went missing.

"Usually when I wake up he hears me," Webster said. "If he's not in the room he comes in right then."

Tuesday morning Bolton was nowhere to be found. Sandi called for him throughout her house, and then he might be outside, since she has a pet door installed for him to use. But when Bolton didn't come to her outside, Webster called her neighbors. They found a portion of her backyard fence pushed in and lying on the ground.

After calling her family to help search, Webster got a call from Bolton's vet. Someone had found him a mile from Webster's house. He had been killed by a vehicle.

"I think either someone took him, or someone encouraged him to go," said Webster. "But I don't know that."

Webster realizes she may never know the circumstances behind Bolton's death. She plans to start the process of finding a new dog, but will always remember her best friend Bolton.

"It changes your whole life, if you lose a dog," she said.