Your 2 Cents: Stanford Band Makes Spectacle Of Itself

Friday, January 6th 2012, 12:07 am
By: News 9

The Stanford band was trying to be edgy with their offbeat performance at the Fiesta Bowl, but they fell way short and landed at juvenile.

Here's what you had to say. Jarrod from Agra first: "I cannot believe a university would allow them to put on a circus freak show like that.."

Dan says I'm making too big a deal of it: "For you to think anything more than 'huh. silly kids' reflects an insecurity that I would not expect from an emotionally mature, grown man."

Gary from Shawnee: "Their football team had some class but not the band. What can you expect from a bunch of rich kids?"

Margaret in Chickasha writes: "The Stanford band has a history of protest and clever free spirit activity but it was not clever. It was rude and disrespectful."

Shannon in Edmond: "I was at the game and was kind of shocked they could be so strange but so rude?"

Sally from Spencer: "It was appalling to see band members half naked drumming the drums."

Bailey, a band director writes: "I was hoping my students were not watching the Stanford Band thinking that is the way a university band is supposed to act."

Finally, Kevin writes: "..calling them a band is akin to calling the Three Stooges a precision drill team.

One would like to think that the band is not representative of the Stanford loyal but isn't that exactly what a band is??"