Police Search For More Evidence In Blanchard Shooting

Friday, January 6th 2012, 7:46 pm
By: News 9

Court documents charging Dustin Stewart with the murder of Justin Martin in a botched burglary in Blanchard show that police haven't yet found everything they are looking for.

Documents detail the home invasion on December 31st. Stewart admitted to police that he and Justin Martin devised a plan to burglarize Sarah McKinley's home to get pain pills. McKinley shot and killed Martin when he stepped inside the home. Stewart is charged with the murder.

Grady County First Assistant District Attorney James Walters said he is pleased with how the investigation is going so far.

"I am comfortable with what we have with this charge and I am comfortable to proceed from this point with what we have at this time."

Investigators are still searching for more evidence, though.

Stewart told police he fled the scene after hearing the gunshot and attempted to call Martin's cell phone when he was running back to Martin's truck. He said Martin didn't answer.

Reports indicate a cell phone belonging to Martin was not found at the crime scene, so police requested a search warrant noting the phone is "likely to be found in Martin's vehicle."

A warrant returned by police shows investigators found pain pills and other things in the truck, but did not find Martin's cell phone.

Now investigators have a search warrant to look through Stewart's cell phone to see what calls were made the night of the home invasion.

Police have also searched Martin's residence, but did not find his cell phone at that location, either. Police did say they found an empty pill bottle prescribed to Martin just five days before the home invasion.