OKC Traffic Stop Leads To Discovery Of Stolen Checks, IDs

Monday, January 9th 2012, 2:34 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police say they discovered stolen checks, social security cards and driver's licenses when they pulled over a woman for a cracked windshield on Interstate 240 near May Avenue.

On October 12, the officer stopped 23-year-old Danielle Evans because a large crack in the windshield obstructed her vision. The officer said Evans tried to give him a driver's license that obviously did not belong to her. The officer said Evans then admitted she didn't have her license, so she gave the officer one that belonged to a friend.

The officer said he noticed Evans was very nervous and had slurred speech. He said when he asked if she had anything illegal in the car, Evans became even more nervous, refused to look him in the eye and redirected all questions to her passenger.

The officer said he then began questioning the passenger, and he detected the odor of marijuana. The woman admitted she'd recently smoked "weed."

The officer searched the car and found two checkbooks, three social security cards and two driver's licenses, all with other people's information on them. The officer learned the checkbooks had been reported stolen, and arrested Evans.

Prosecutors recently charged Evans with obstructing an officer.