Court Papers: Man Talked To Pregnant Blanchard Mom Before She Vanished

Tuesday, January 17th 2012, 10:10 pm
By: News 9

Court documents claim a pregnant, murdered mother of three was in communication with a 30-year-old man shortly before she vanished. The documents reveal the identity of that man.

Investigators say Joseph Cyr contacted Jaymie Adams in response to a Craigslist ad for sex shortly before she went missing. Police are now questioning Cyr who says he talked to Jaymie the day she vanished.

Cyr would not talk to News 9, but told homicide investigators he had several contacts with Jaymie Adams via email and telephone leading up to her disappearance in early December.

Jaymie Adams' husband, Justin, told investigators he and his wife used Craig's List to meet clients for sex. Search warrants claim Jaymie was set to meet up to three men the day she went missing.

But, now the question is, was Cyr one of those three men?

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"There have been no suspects named," Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow of the Oklahoma City police said. "Obviously our investigators are still very hard at work in this case.

Cyr told investigators he never met Jaymie on December 9, the day Jaymie's husband told police she disappeared.

" … I think … it does … sort of give a little credibility to hat my client said originally," criminal defense attorney Irven Box said.

Justin hired Box after Box says police became accusatory in the questioning of his client. That all happened after Justin first withheld information about the online sex ads from police.

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The pregnant mother's body was found decomposing near Lake Stanley Draper on January 7. Archeologists say colder weather in recent weeks would have preserved the body longer than normal.

Police are not publicly calling Cyr or anyone else a suspect in the case. Double murder charges can be filed against anyone responsible for murdering a pregnant woman in Oklahoma.

Tuesday's search warrants were filed to gather information from Cyr's phone records.