Your 2 Cents: Four Marines Video

Thursday, January 19th 2012, 12:27 am
By: News 9

Interesting how some of the young people, the 9-11 generation as I call them, empathized with the four Marines urinating on dead enemy fighters.

Here's what you had to say.. Floyd from Midwest City first:  "I also understand how 20 year olds thrown into that war could do what those four Marines did."

Gretchen from Choctaw says:  "As a sister of a Marine I say let our boys fight the war the way they see fit."

Matt from Moore writes:  "There is no excuse for desecrating a dead body, period...once they are dead they are no longer the enemy."

And Larry from Moore adds:  "Is it the times in which we live, or a redefinition of wrong?"

And Justin from Moore:  "Can't say I totally disagree with your view of how 20 year olds view 9/11 and that we live in the shadows of being ambushed, but being 23 and a civilian employee of our nations' Air Force, I was disgusted.."

Tracy from OKC says:  "If the younger generation believes what those soldiers did was okay, shame on their middle aged parents for not teaching them better."

Jessica writes:  "I'm sure what we saw on the video has happened before... I don't agree that it's a generational thing."

Finally Judy from OKC points out:  "..each time they have been on the road & pulled up behind a pick-up or car, chances are at least once a day imbedded in their minds was the decal of someone urinating on a rival or enemy."