Moms At Jaymie Adams' Vigil Want Justice

Saturday, January 21st 2012, 11:41 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City – A small group of young mothers came together Saturday evening near Lake Stanley Draper to remember Jaymie Adams. She was first reported missing more than a month ago and authorities found her body two weeks ago. Organizers of the candle light vigil said it was a time to come together and demand justice for Jaymie and her unborn child.

"I think the hardest part about it all is that we really haven't gotten any closure yet," said Jessica Quillin, who helped set up the vigil. "Really there is no closure to this case because as a community we want answers and we want justice for Jaymie and as a young woman in this community and a young mother I want to know that I'm safe."

Others at the vigil agreed. They didn't know Adams personally but said her story resonated with them because they are all young moms who want to know that they are safe and there is not a killer on the loose.

"I'm a mother as well of a little boy," said Jessica Lowry, who was at the vigil to show her support. "I just couldn't imagine my son being without his mother."

That was the main message at the candle light vigil. Reminding the public that Adams was a person who did not deserve to be the victim of a heinous crime.

"You do not deserve that and her baby didn't deserve that. That unborn baby didn't deserve that," said Quillin.

She and the other women said that details in the case have distracted the public. Affidavits show Adams and her husband were soliciting men online. Quillin said the public should not judge Adams, but instead remember that she is a human being and no matter what her lifestyle choices may have been, she did not deserve to die. She hopes vigils like the one Saturday night will help shed light on the need for answers in this so-far-unsolved murder case.

"This is not just going to be another unsolved case," said Quillin. "We are going to fight for answers for Jaymie and we are going to fight for justice and we're going to stop making noise until we find out who did this to her."