OKC Councilman Refuses To Address His DUI Arrest At Community Meeting

Tuesday, January 31st 2012, 11:02 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

An Oklahoma City councilman faced the public for the first time Tuesday night after being arrested for his second DUI.

Skip Kelly was arrested earlier this month after hitting a fire hydrant with his car.

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Tuesday night's meeting was billed as a community to inform citizens on the issues, and Councilman Kelly seemed in no hurry to waiver from that and address his arrest.

It was an hour and 45 minutes into the meeting before anyone mentioned Councilman Kelly's recent DUI.

Kelly refused to acknowledge the attack. That man would be the only one to talk about the councilman's felony charges. And that included Councilman Kelly.

"I'm not going to address it," Kelly told News 9 when asked to comment about his recent arrest.