Moore Man's Fiancee In Philippines Talks About Deadly Earthquake

Monday, February 6th 2012, 5:02 pm
By: News 9

The search for survivors continues in the Philippines after Monday's deadly earthquake. A 6.9 quake shook the country, leaving at least 13 people dead. Another 40 are still missing.

The earthquake triggered landslides and even prompted a brief tsunami warning.

News 9 spoke with Mercy Roble who lives in Cebu, that's about 50 miles from Negros Island, which is where the earthquake hit. Roble's fiancé lives in Moore and helped us reach her through Skype early Monday morning.

Roble said her family is fine, but the experience was terrifying. Communication was challenging when we talked to her. Roble explained how her house shook when the quake hit.

"We felt it. It was the shaking. It was really shaking," Roble said. "We still feel the aftershock. So we stayed outside for a few minutes then go back inside."

News 9 learned many of the dead are college and elementary school students. Rescuers are having a difficult time getting food and medicine to villages because of damaged roads and bridges.

In addition to the 13 people killed, about 100 were injured in the earthquake.