Trash Piling Up On Blanchard Family After Collection Service Stalls

Thursday, May 17th 2012, 6:07 pm
By: News 9

A family of five has been living with trash piling up around them since their waste removal company has missed picking it up for several weeks in the last six months. Now they are facing a backlog of trash each time the dumpster is emptied, with the trash that could not fit in the dumpster filling it back up.

Aimee Hazel said the waste company GGM has not lived up to their claims. She said the family spends anywhere from $50 to $60 each month to have the family's trash picked up.

"It was in my back hallway, outside of my house and overflowing at the dumpster," she explained. "They gave us an excuse last week that they rolled one of their trash trucks. Well they told us that Monday, they said the rolled it Thursday, but our trash was already two weeks late!"

Hazel added GGM told her not to put trash around the dumpster, so she has been saving room to make sure any garbage that goes bad fits inside it. That leaves bags of other trash, like broken toys and ruined clothes, piling up in the house and she wants it gone.

Hazel said she and her neighbor both have had problems with the company and it takes dozens of called to get through to anyone.

"No one will give you that answer," Hazel said. "If you call them they don't ever give you any details. The lady at the office always says she'll call you back, she never does and then now it's being forwarded to a different phone number."

News 9 tried contacting the GGM on Thursday but the calls went to voicemail. Nobody returned the calls by the end of the day.

Hazel is frustrated. And even though her dumpster was finally emptied on Monday, the extra trash has already filled it up.

"My dumpster has got room for maybe a couple more sacks and it's going to be stuck somewhere in my property until they decide to come."

She explained because the family of five goes through about one trash bag per day, it will keep backing up until the GGM agrees to take everything at once.