Huge Response To Family Claiming Stillwater Motel Discriminated Against Them

Friday, September 7th 2012, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

The public responded en masse to the Oklahoma family claiming discrimination against a Stillwater motel they say kicked them out of their room because of one child's illness. A spokesperson for the motel has also come forward.

After the Searcy story aired on News 9 Thursday night we got calls, emails and Facebook messages.

One Stillwater family is providing a free home for the family to stay in while Mr. Searcy is on assignment in Stillwater. An Oklahoma City lawyer has offered free legal counsel against Motel 6 because his son suffers with the same seizure disorder.

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Motel 6 also responded Friday by saying the girl's medical condition was not why they forced the family to leave.

A spokesperson says "The number of occupants in the room exceeded the room's allowable occupancy. The damage and disrepair in the room...raised concern among our management for the health and safety of those guests and the staff members who service the room."

Searcy provided pictures and maintains the room was paid up and cared for.