Your 2 Cents: Viewers Respond To McAlester Taser Incident

Monday, September 10th 2012, 11:57 pm
By: News 9

Last week I showed you this video. A McAlester officer tasered a drunk and handcuffed woman who spat in his face, I said the officer was wrong, but after recently going through a police use of force simulator I have more empathy for the split second decisions they have to make.

He's been suspended for two weeks and I think that's enough. Here's what you had to say.

Audra from Duncan first: "...this cop is expected to maintain professionalism too. If he doesn't have the ability to do that with a drunk woman in handcuffs then maybe he is in the wrong business."

Stephanie from Tuttle: "She would have received worse had she spit on me."

I made Janny really mad: "I do not agree with the fact that anyone should spit in another person's face but did this officer think he might never be spit upon or be called a bad name? Does he punch his wife if she disrespects him or would he taze her?"

Joe writes: "There should be rules of conduct for those taken into custody, arrested, questioned, or being booked. The officer's suspension is ridiculous."

Jennifer from Chickasha asks: "The woman SPIT in his face. What was he supposed to do? She spit nasty germs and who knows what diseases she has.."

Finally, BJ writes: "Police officers are not gods, they are human so I can understand how angry they get but they ARE supposed to uphold the law, not break it. ."