Police Fine OKC Couple Accused Of Letting Dog 'Poop' On Neighbor's Lawn

Thursday, September 20th 2012, 5:37 pm

A metro man says he has reached the end of his leash on one of those nuisances that ruffles the fur of a lot of homeowners: when your neighbor's dog leaves a present on your lawn and doesn't clean it up.

That's what Michael Baxter has been dealing with for a while.

"Nine months," he says.

Baxter says his next door neighbor's dog has been using his lawn as a bathroom.

"Every day, every day and my wife picks it up, picks it up," he says. "At first we would ask them would you please do something about the dogs, it's pooping in my yard."

When that didn't work he started gathering proof: pictures of the dog on his lawn and almost caught in the act. Evidence that he used when he called police.

Susan Hodge got the first ticket several months ago. Then, earlier this week her husband Shane got one too.

Both who tell us it's not their dog.

"There's so many stray dogs up and down this street every day," Hodge said. "So, it could be any dog. Why blame our dog?"

But Susan didn't pay her ticket and had a warrant out for her arrest, so now she's in deep you know what.

Susan's original ticket was for $120. To clear up the warrant it will cost another $420.