Edmond Animal Shelter At Capacity

Friday, September 21st 2012, 5:56 pm

The Edmond Animal Shelter is facing a crisis after reaching their limit of animals.

Administrators at the shelter say there is no more room. Even their back garage has been converted to an overflow area.

"We've got every regular kennel, every reserve kennel, pop-up kennel, if you can put an animal in it, we've got it full right now," said Animal welfare officer Kenny Stevenson.

But the problem isn't just animals looking to be adopted, but ones that already have homes. Stevenson says often owners don't think to call the shelter when they lose their pet.

"We definitely want to stress if you lose an animal, the first thing you need to do is call the shelter," said Stevenson.

Animal control officers even take matters into their own hands actively try to reunite pets with their owners. That means even checking Craigslist several times a day.

"Sometimes we went back as far as a month and found an animal on Craigslist that was in our shelter."

The big message though is check with the shelter first if you lost your pet.

In Edmond they also have a lost and found. If you lose your pet, call them and leave a message if it's after hours or email them.