Skunks Invade Properties Around Lake Hefner

Thursday, September 27th 2012, 5:35 pm

It's a problem that's causing a big stink with a lot of people; the drought has been forcing skunks out of their natural habitat and into our yards looking for food.

The problem is especially bad out at Lake Hefner where folks on the golf course and homeowners report problems. On Thursday a bicyclist was sprayed.

Ned Breuha, AKA the Skunk Whisperer, has been very busy lately, News 9 caught up with him as he was working to keep the skunks out of Arthur Bay's Backyard

"I saw a skunk twice, two days apart about a week and a half ago leaving from my rose garden in the far corner," said Bay.

Arthur has lived in his house for 43 years and never saw a skunk until recently.

"He's not welcome," said Bay.

Breuha blames the drought, saying skunks are becoming desperate.

"They have three things that they want: food, water, shelter. And when they can't get one of those things they go to greener pastures. This is a green, green pasture," Breuha said.

But Breuha says many homeowners don't want to pay to a professional, so they trap the animals on their own and have been dumping them out at Lake Hefner, which is right behind Bay's house.

That also explains the problems at the Lake Hefner golf course, where workers were seeing 10 to 12 skunks every morning until they hired a trapper.

"He was here roughly three weeks and he was here only about four days a week and he trapped 60 skunks, and we still have skunks," said Daniel Mills, who works on the course.

Breuha says people are also seeing a lot of armadillos around too. They're also causing a lot of problems because of the drought.