Your 2 Cents: Viewers Respond To Bullying In School Issue

Monday, October 1st 2012, 10:44 pm
By: News 9

Bullying in schools is getting worse, and I'm urging parents who know of bullying to take it to the administrators, and follow through until it's stopped.

Here's what you had to say about it, Lisa in Edmond first: "Unfortunately, educators and administrators in schools are generally not allowed to hold kids accountable for their actions."

Sarah in Perkins: "While going through my daughters Facebook I found her making fun of another child. We spent months grounded, apologized and did research on the effects of bullying."

Ladonna from Holdenville says bullying is part of life: "..our children have not learned to experience failure and the unfairness of life and how to deal with it..."

And Andrew adds: "I really think it just gets more media coverage today."

Trinna had a child who was bullied and took it on: "I chewed out the teacher, I chewed out the principal, and then I went after the mother. I told her that if her son every laid another hand on my kid again, the price would be me whooping her butt all over the place."

Thomas from Stillwater has lived it: "I was bullied cuz I was in special ed.. ..I told the staff and they did something about it, nowadays kids are to scared to say anything.."

But Linda says we're making too much of it: "No, bullying hasn't gotten worse. Children have been so sensitized and coddled."