Parents Warned About Possible Child Predator Near SW OKC Park

Tuesday, October 16th 2012, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

Some parents are worried about a possible predator after a suspicious car is spotted at a public park where children play soccer in southwest Oklahoma City.

The YMCA sent a mass email to parents saying a man in a blue Chevy filled with candy and toys is lurking around the Earlywine Park. So now, the neighborhood is on alert and warning kids of stranger danger.

On crisp fall days at Earlywine Park, normally people here have one goal in mind, that is to score. But an email to South Lakes Soccer Club parents shifts the focus from the field to protecting kids from a possible park predator. Questions and concerns are high.

The Earlywine YMCA warned patrons of a suspicious vehicle in the park, since parents realize they aren't the only ones on the sidelines of soccer games. Now, moms are reminding their children about stranger danger.

Parents alerted police and they believe the man in the blue Chevy with toys is living in car. He wasn't spotted on Tuesday, and so far, no incidents have been reported.

Parents are asked to report any incidents to the Police.