My 2 Cents: Obama, Romney Joke Around At Al Smith Dinner in NYC

Thursday, October 18th 2012, 11:08 pm
By: News 9

I don't know about you but I'm becoming more and more consumed with this Presidential race, the tension, the conflict is increasing.

So Thursday night it was interesting to see President Obama and Gov. Romney let their hair down a little bit, and cut up at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City, each one delivering a Letterman-esque type stand-up routine.

Here's a sampling:

"We're down to the final months of the president's term, as President Obama surveys the Waldorf banquet room with everyone in white ties…thinking, ‘So little time, so much to redistribute,'" Romney said.

"I want to apologize to Chris Matthews, four years ago thrill up leg, this time a stroke. Of course, a lot learned from experience, worse things can happen on your anniversary than forgetting to buy a gift," Obama said.

So who won the joke contest? Gotta be a winner and a loser right? Mitt Romney's jokes were funnier, and he aimed most of his zingers at the President. President Obama perhaps more endearing, he took a few shots at Governor Romney but most of his jokes were more self-deprecating.

I'll call it a draw, but it was a nice way to cleanse the palate after Tuesday night's contentious debate.