Alleged OKC Prostitution Ring Leader's Cars Sold At Auction

Friday, October 19th 2012, 5:56 pm
By: News 9

Folks in the metro got a  chance to buy Cadillacs and other pricey cars on the cheap, Friday morning.

The Oklahoma County District Attorney's office sold more than a dozen cars, but the sale really caught News 9's attention when we found out to whom they once belonged.

Most of the cars auctioned off on Friday were seized from Germaine Coulter in connection with a racketeering case against him. Coulter is the man also accused of running a prostitution ring out of his upscale home near Edmond.

But now it's his vehicles that are up for sale.

"I was never a pimp or a ring leader. I was a manager of an escort service four years ago, and I have done my time," Coulter told News 9 in May.

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Coulter was outraged when his picture was on a flier distributed all over an Edmond subdivision. It claimed he was a pimp running a dangerous prostitution ring out of his home.

Coulter was charged for felony racketeering for running a carpet cleaning company that investigators said was a front for selling sex.

Today, 12 cars belonging to Coulter seized during the investigation went up for auction - right down to the carpet cleaning van. The van sold for $8,000. It was the kind of deal nearly 200 people hoped to cash in on too.

"My son's been looking for a Chrysler 300, easy to find but high priced," Joy Davis says. "So we were looking for something, a reasonable deal."

Coulter's Chrysler 300 sold, and so did the 2005 Corvette he drove.

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The money raised at the auction will go back to DA's office. Half of it will go to the Oklahoma City Police Department, which handled the investigation of Coulter.

The DA's office holds about 4 to 6 seized vehicle auctions a year.

The prostitution case against Coulter is still pending.