OKC Kids Keep Calm, Call 911 After Mom Suffers Seizure

Thursday, October 25th 2012, 7:32 pm
By: News 9

An 8 year old Oklahoma City girl is being called a hero. Her mother collapsed inside their apartment, and instead of getting worked up, the girl stayed calm and called 911.

This little girl not only called 911 on her cell phone, she was able to wave down the ambulance driver to direct paramedics to where her mother was. Not bad for a little girl who did not even know her address.

"I'm so proud of my kids. Thank god!"

Blanca Zamudio, 26, is thankful to be alive. She is also thankful her two daughters stayed calm and knew exactly what to do when she fell ill. 

"They actually saved my life!"

Zamudio says she started feeling lightheaded and dizzy Wednesday morning, and then blacked out.

"Like I couldn't breathe good. I couldn't see good. I couldn't hear."

That's when her 8-year-old daughter, Jennifer, grabbed the cell phone and called a relative, who told her to call 911 for help. Dispatcher Melody Spruill was on the other end of the line and says she is also impressed at how calm the kids were during the call.

"They didn't panic. They just knew something was different with mom, picked up the phone and called and we went from there," said Spruill.

Once firefighters got there, Jennifer was able to direct them to where her mother was lying on the floor.

"I was happy cause they were here," said Zamudio's 7-year-old daughter, Michelle.

"I was happy that she wasn't going to die," said Jennifer.

Turns out Zamudio had a seizure, but after a quick trip to the hospital, she's doing OK. She just wants to thank the dispatcher, and her daughters for taking action.

"And I can't believe that they weren't crying. They were strong," Zamudio said.

EMSA recommends for parents to have a note taped up somewhere in your house with an address or any medical conditions you may have to help your kids tell an ambulance where to go and what to expect.