Shawnee Band 'Driftwood' Provides Unique Music Experience

Friday, October 26th 2012, 2:43 pm
By: News 9

If you're looking for unique music, Shawnee's Own The Driftwood has a new sound with some traditional ties.

News 9's Lauren Nelson sat down with the band to hear their music and how an unexpected diagnosis spurred them on.

The Driftwood is a group of four musicians who found a home playing music together. And the name of their band says it all.

The Driftwood wanted to provide listeners with a different music experience.

The band includes Keaton on guitar and lead vocals, Taylor on everything bass, Parker on the box drum, and Kathleen on the viola.

This group had only been together for a few months when Keaton received an unexpected diagnosis threatening the band's future.

"I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma which is cells that build up on the auditory nerve in the canal underneath the brain," Keaton said.

The surgery to remove the acoustic neuroma could have taken Keaton's hearing, so the band hurried to record their first single "Together Forever."

But Keaton came out of surgery with his hearing intact and the band has since written more songs and has booked gigs all around the area. The Driftwood takes their music and their role in the community seriously.

Their new single "Lies" is now out on iTunes. You can check it out there or find more information about The Driftwood on their Facebook page.