OKC Elderly Woman Fed Up After Home Burglarized Five Times

Tuesday, October 30th 2012, 10:57 pm
By: News 9

An elderly woman says she's fed up with crime in her neighborhood. She says it's hit close to home too many times, and she's ready for a change.

Mary Gravitt says she had enough. Her home has been burglarized five times, and she says if News 9 and the police can't help her, she is ready to take matters into her own hands.

Gravitt has lived in this quaint home on S.W. 45th since 1988. After decades, she says she is being forced out by thieves.

"Five times now I'm leaving I'm getting out of Oklahoma City. This is how bad it is," she said.

Bad turned to worse after burglars ransacked her home. Her trailer and scooter were stolen right off of her lawn in broad daylight. She called police.

"I called in and said this is not an emergency, but someone stole my travel trailer out of my driveway. They said, ‘do you want someone to come out or do you want to do it over the phone?' And I said, ‘I'll need someone out here," Gravitt said.

Police came, and Gravitt began investigating as well. She said the neighborhood watch used to stop criminals in their tracks.

Now Gravitt meets everyone at the door, from news crews to thieves. She says she doesn't know who she can trust and doesn't know who the bold thieves are.

Gravitt estimates thousands of dollars worth of her things were stolen, including antiques. We put her address into crime tracker and we saw a lot of burglaries in the area recently.