Presidential Pops Poll Shows Oklahomans' Pick For President

Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 4:31 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

On Route 66, Main Street America, it seems only fitting that folks here are picking the next president. And really, what's a more American way to do that then with soda pop?

At Pops convenience store and restaurant you can choose between the red soda: "Cream De Mitt" and the blue soda: "Barack oh Berry."

"They definitely pick it because of the candidate," said Pops General Manager Marty Doepke.

This is the second presidential election that Pop's has gotten into the polling business.

"Last election it was "John McCream" and "Barack oh Berry."

And four years ago "Barack oh Berry" was top pop here and on election day. This time around it has been neck and neck, until recently.

"Here in the last week and a half, so "Barack oh Berry" has really taken off."

A surprising prediction in a very red soda state. And one Republicans hope will go flat.

And like the winner of the election, the winning soda will be around for several more years, last year the company kept making "Barack oh Berry."