Ghosts Among The Guests That Frequent OKC Bar

Wednesday, October 31st 2012, 11:04 pm
By: News 9

It's a typical Saturday night at the Sooner Corral. The beer tap's flowing and music's playing. Besides the cowboys and cowgirls, could there be someone else on the dance floor?

Owner Richard Mansfield says just about every customer has a story of the unexplained.

"Have you been touched on the shoulder or hair when you're dancing and nobody's around you," Mansfield asked.

Richard says he experienced his first encounter soon after he bought the place.

"Had people coming in who weren't there," Richard remembers. "Then I'd see them dancing.  It's not like a solid. It's more what you'd call a spirit."

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Spirits that spook co-workers, Flora, Erica and Melissa.  So scared,  they go to places, like the restroom, in pairs.

"I've had all the toilets flush before when I've walked into the bathroom," Flora said. "I've had a little girl talk to me and say 'hello' and we don't have kids in here."

The women say this isn't just their imagination. They say they've felt and seen several spirits in a private room upstairs.

"I heard footsteps and the door swung open and there was nobody there," Erica said.

Melissa said, "There's a couple who sits over there and they normally keep to themselves."

One area of the bar the ladies avoid altogether, the "Red Room," where they've heard many unexplained sounds coming from a secret passage.

"It opens into another room," Flora said. "I've never opened it but I've seen it open and it creeps me out."

Some Corral ghosts seem to be regulars. The staff has given them nicknames. There's Griz.

"He's very protective and very moral," Richard said.

And if you're doing something immoral, Richard said Griz will let you know, as a former bartender found out.

"She was upstairs cleaning up. She literally gets knocked down the stairs," Richard said. She took off her sweater, had a massive hand print that already welped up right in the middle of her back."

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Then there's Taz.

Richard said, "When he gets mad, he throws things. From coasters to beer boxes."

And the Joker.

"He's the prankster. He'll walk by and tug on your hair or tap on your shoulder," Melissa said.

Richard said, "I just go along with them because you can't fight them.  You can't argue with them.  I give up on that a long time ago."

Richard has researched the building and can't find any record of strange encounters that would explain why spirits haunt the Sooner Corral.