My 2 Cents: European Observers Invited To See Election Goes Smoothly

Thursday, November 1st 2012, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

Try this on: You go to vote next Tuesday in the Presidential election, and a European observer is there just to make sure everything is above board.

Let me say that again, a European observer is watching your precinct for compliance with international standards for democratic elections. You ok with that?

According to a release out from Oklahoma's AG Thursday, the observers were invited by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and the request is apparently supported by groups who are concerned about limits on early voting here in the US and stricter voter ID laws.

In an interim report filed earlier this month, this international group writes of our election "Democrats are concerned that these would disenfranchise eligible voters, while Republicans believe they are necessary to protect the integrity of the vote."

So we're going to have foreigners make sure we do it right?

Texas has already rejected the observers. Thursday Iowa did too, threatening to arrest them if they got too near the polling places. It doesn't appear any of the observers have been scheduled to come to Oklahoma for the election.

This country spreads democracy, it doesn't suppress it, and it's insulting to think observers from Europe, some from behind the old iron curtain, should be policing our election.