Election Board Investigates Possible Voter Fraud In Oklahoma County

Tuesday, November 6th 2012, 11:40 pm
By: News 9

Election day didn't go off without a hitch here in the metro. The State Election Board is investigating possible voter fraud in Oklahoma County.

Imagine finally getting to the front of the line at your polling station only to find someone else already cast your vote. That's what happened to man here in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, when he showed his ID to a poll worker, as required now by law, to receive his ballot. Now the state election board is trying to sort through the mess.

Jay Kelly wants to know how someone cast a ballot in his name under his address, and got away with it.

"The whole thing was just surreal," Kelly says, "it definitely was a complete, complete failure."

He's talking about Oklahoma's new voter ID law, that requires voters to prove their identity before receiving their ballot.

When Jay showed his ID to a poll worker today, she said he'd already voted.

"Her initial statement was, ‘well, you've already voted,' and I said, ‘no, I haven't, and I showed her my ID and my signature on my ID. I said that's not my signature," Kelly said.

This is a picture Jay took of the voter log where someone else signed his name.

"So [the poll worker] suggested that I sign and vote as someone else in that person's place instead," Kelly says, "I told her I was really uncomfortable with that and didn't want to go to jail."

A supervisor told Jay he could cast a provisional ballot, but he said that wasn't an option.

"I didn't want to fill out a form because of somebody else's error," Kelly said.

Jay did get to cast a regular ballot, but it left him to wonder.

"It seems like the sort of thing, even if there's no maliciousness, it's still something people need to be aware of so that it can be corrected," Kelly said.

The state election board secretary said the matter will be reported to the district attorney's office. Jay Kelly's ballot was counted. As for the other ballot cast under his name earlier today, the Oklahoma County Election Board told News 9 it was counted too.

The state election board is investigating to see if the poll worker violated procedure.

Voter fraud in Oklahoma is a felony.