OKC Police Vehicles To Become Armed With Scanner Technology

Tuesday, November 13th 2012, 6:20 pm
By: Karl Torp

OKC City Council just approved the use of a controversial crime fighting tool.

Sixteen automated license plate scanners will be mounted on OCPD vehicles.

The technology scans license plates extremely fast so officers don't have to type the information into computers mounted in their patrol vehicles.

"If there is a car that is stolen. It will pick it up immediately," says OCPD Chief Bill Citty.

But the scanners cast a wide net, capturing information from drivers who are legally on the road as well. The information showing when and where someone was driving is stored for a period of time. That's why some think the scanners are an invasion of privacy.

"I don't want my stuff floating around," OKC driver Misty Bruce told News 9.

"It's a legitimate concern and some of the things we will do is create our policies and procedures to determine how long we will keep that data," says Chief Citty.

In two states, new rules make it illegal to keep the information gathered from scanners for more than a month.

OCPD is using $260,000 in federal grant money to pay for 16 scanners.

The could end up on police cars in the next few months.