Police: OKC Man Tries To Vote While Openly Carrying Handgun

Tuesday, November 20th 2012, 10:11 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City man is behind bars for expressing his right to openly carry in the wrong place. Police arrested 23-year-old Ethan Sisson after they say he tried to vote with a handgun holstered around his waist.

Sisson is accused of violating Oklahoma's new "Open Carry" law. Police say he had a handgun on his hip when he tried to vote in the elections two weeks ago.

Police say Sisson was turned away, but returned two hours later, wearing a disguise.

Court records show after Sisson voted, he took off his disguise, and showed the election monitor his handgun. Sisson told the inspector it was his right to have the gun with him. He was then ordered to leave. 

Police want Sisson charged with unlawful carry in certain places, a misdemeanor.

Sisson's grandmother, Jean Sisson, says Sisson was just standing up for a principle he believes in.

"He would do anything for anybody that he could," she said.

Sisson is being held at the Oklahoma County Jail on $4,000 bond.