Shawnee Family Offers Reward For Missing Pet Kangaroo

Friday, November 23rd 2012, 5:24 pm
By: News 9

An exotic pet went missing Thanksgiving night, and Friday, there was still no sign of the six-month-old kangaroo named Lucy Sparkles.

The Menhusens last saw Lucy after dinner Thursday night and believe the crowd at their house for the Thanksgiving festivities might have scared Lucy.

"We had the kids outside and she was outside for everyone to see and enjoy and there was lots of screaming and it was getting dark and then all of a sudden we noticed that she was missing," said Lucy's owner, Shayla Menhusen.

Friday morning, the search for Lucy continued. Little Layla and her dad searched for hours. They hoped to find her friend laying low in the tall grass behind the house. Lucy is only two feet tall and gray, which could make her hard to spot in the brush.

"We've had a couple false sightings but so far we don't have anything that we can go on," said Menhusen.

The vet who sold Lucy to the family suggested they put out her food and pouch because she had kangaroos go missing for more than a week before returning home on their own.

"She's very, very friendly. You can totally approach her. If she doesn't know you, she might be a little bit concerned so you want to approach her slowly [and] call her name, Lucy. And when you pick her up, if you'll scoop your hand under her rear, and lift her weight that way, you can pick her up, cuddle her," said Menhusen.

The family offered a $500 reward for Lucy's safe return home.