OKC Homeowner Claims Local Landscaper Scammed Him

Thursday, November 29th 2012, 6:27 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Several homeowners say a local landscaper has scammed them out of thousands of dollars.

Court records show the owner of Terrain Landscaping has a long list of people and businesses that say he owes them money.

About a month ago, Kenny Arthur hired Terrain design to landscape the area around his pool. As a down payment he paid him half of the $7,000 estimated cost of the project.

"We gave $3,500 down and we have an orange mark in our yard," said Arthur.

Arthur says Terrain owner Jared Shipley never did any of the work.

"He never showed up, been promised several times that he's coming, even told us one time he was pulling into our neighborhood," said Arthur.

Arthur says he will likely have to sue Shipley to get his money. And court is a place Jared Shipley is familiar with. Both criminally, most recently for driving without a license, and civility, several people have sued him for the same reason as Arthur. 

"It's easy to get a judgment, but it's very hard to get a payment for the judgment," said Shipley.

David Howe sued Shipley about a year ago, and won, but still hasn't seen a dime.

"Nothing, haven't gotten anything," he said.

Shipley refused to go on camera for an interview, but in a phone conversation he denied everything, saying it's a big misunderstanding. When News 9 asked him if he was going to pay Mr. Arthur in cash, he told us "Absolutely."

Arthur says Shipley did give him a check which was from an account closed four years ago.

"The viewers from Channel 9 need to know this guy's out there and you can't do business with him," said Arthur.