Guthrie Student Arrested After Threat On School

Monday, December 17th 2012, 1:11 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A Guthrie high school student has been arrested and will likely face charges of making terrorist threats, a felony, after making a threat on Friday.

The Guthrie police chief will not elaborate on the threat but says they are taking it seriously.

Other students reported the threat to school personnel on Friday, Guthrie superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson says the students believed the suspect may be a danger.

"My experience in school is most the time kids, if they really believe there is a threat, kids will tell us, that's reassuring," said Guthrie Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson.

"Just to make sure that everyone knows that we are out here and our main concern is the safety and care of our children," Police Chief Damon Devereaux said.

Parents say they were happy to see it the extra police presence.

"Oh yea, I'm just sorry that they have to be," said Rocky Murton, whose daughter goes to the school.

Monday morning, the student was suspended, and taken into police custody for questioning.

"In this specific case I don't know if this kid was just mouthing off, just making a comment, but in this day and age that will get you arrested," Devereaux said.

The chief won't disclose the specifics of the threat. But the student will face felony charges of making a terroristic threat and was booked into jail Monday afternoon.

"You can't even speak that way now days, it's just too serious, it's just too real," Murton said.

In response to the Connecticut shooting other schools have also increased their security. Norman police officers were stationed at all school buildings in Norman Monday morning.

According to statement released Monday by Guthrie Public Schools, the district will continue to treat any threat to student safety as credible and follow up with an appropriate investigation. After school on Friday, officials were unable to determine the credibility of any threats.

"We are following up on any threats and want to thank the Guthrie Police Department for their assistance. I want to assure the community that our schools are safe. With the events of last Friday, this would have been a difficult day for school under the best of circumstances. I applaud the high school students for coming forward with this information. I want to assure all parents that our number one objective is to provide a safe environment which leads to quality instruction," Dr. Simpson said in the statement.

In response, the Guthrie police department has stationed officers at all schools and are patrolling the halls. This presence will continue for the rest of this week.