DEQ Investigates Possible Contamination In Bethany Private Well Water

Monday, December 17th 2012, 10:20 pm
By: News 9

The Department of Environmental Quality says there are possible contaminants in some private well water in Bethany.

The department doesn't know the extent of the contamination, but experts say anyone with private well water should get it sampled immediately.

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"The chemicals that we're looking at were historically used for degreasing and cleaning parts," said Skylar McElhaney. "The chemicals could potentially dissolve the ground water. We don't know if they are in these private wells, but as part of our investigation we are trying to determine that."

"I think we should be concerned the to me may come when we need to be concerned but we just have become immune because there is so much caution about so many things and now we just go blow it off," said Paula Douglass who uses well water.

"Bethany drinking water is safe to drink there has been no contamination found in Bethany's drinking water," McElhaney said.

The warning still has Douglass nervous.

"I can't get on city water that's out and drilling another well is out because we'd be drawing from the same water pool," Douglass said.

The department has spent the last year testing water at Bethany treatment plant and neighboring businesses like the Southern Nazarene University's equestrian center. So far, the horses are okay, and no contaminants have been found.

The department will conduct water testing for free. They'd like to get samples this week and get the results before Christmas, so if you use private well water near Bethany, give them a call.

The department wants to identify and sample any existing private wells in an area extending from North Thompkins Avenue to Canal Road, and between N.W. 39th Expressway and N.W. 50th Street.