Narcotics Agents Make Big Pot Bust At SW OKC Body Shop

Friday, December 21st 2012, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics agents busted a business on South High Street for allegedly moving hundreds of pounds of marijuana.

Agents searched Southeast Body Shop, which was abandoned and locked up, Friday afternoon. The property owner says the auto body shop was a typically busy place. He said he was completely surprised to hear about a drug operation in one of his units, which he rented out to Juan Cuellar.

"There was at least a dozen unmarked SUVs and an Oklahoma City police and anyway, they had the door open and they were searching the place," said Richard Meiers, who owns the building. "I had no idea, of course I've only owned the thing for a year and a half."

Meiers said he would never have suspected the business next door to his office was moving drugs.

Court papers obtained by News 9 show OBN agents watched the place as a "white utility truck" pulled in and other cars pulled out of the business. When agents pulled over one of those vehicles, an OBN K-9 "alerted on the vehicle" and agents found 338 pounds of marijuana located in brown boxes.

The suspects apparently used "hidden compartments" in the truck and "brought the marijuana into the business" through the garage door.

Agents arrested Juan Cuellar, Adolfo Zumia, Juan Gonzalez and Jose Lozoya. All of them were charged with conspiracy to traffic marijuana.

Agents took all of the suspects in for questioning then transported them to the Oklahoma County Jail.