Bethany Girl Who Nearly Drowned In 2010 Finally Home For Christmas

Monday, December 24th 2012, 5:25 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

After two and a half years in the hospital, a Bethany girl is finally home just in time for Christmas.

Six-year-old Brendine King nearly drowned at Sardis Lake memorial weekend of 2010. Brendine spent most of the time since recovering at the Children's Center in Bethany. But on Friday she was allowed to go home.

"That was the big thing, to make sure she was home for Christmas," said her mother Christy.

It is a Christmas story this family feared they would never be able to tell. But contrary to what doctors originally diagnosed little Brendine will spend Christmas with her family.

"I just thought they were going to bring her home for a couple days and they were going to bring her back," said Kaile, Brendine's sister. "But then I learned we were going to keep her and I was pretty excited about that."

And so are those who have known Brendine since shortly after her accident. EMSA paramedic Danielle Cain first met Brendine as she was transporting her between hospitals.

"Being in this field, you know, you hear the story and it's like it's not possible," said Crain. "This child is something special because you don't see these type of results from that."

Crain has since kept in touch with Brendine, who she calls Ms. B, and visited her frequently every time she was at the Children's Center.

"It was something that touches me very deeply," Crain said.

The Christmas following Brendine's accident, Danielle even arranged for a crew to bring her home. Only that was just for the day.

Now Brendine and her family say this Christmas will be their happy ending.

"Without crying, this is a big one," said Crain. "To hear her story and then watch her come home with her sisters and everything, it's a lot."

Little Brendine still has many challenges ahead of her but her family is confident she will continue to get better. They believe the increased stimulation of being at home will make that recovery faster.