Vandals Strike Edmond Neighborhood With Spray Paint

Thursday, January 3rd 2013, 7:59 pm
By: News 9

Homeowners in an Edmond subdivision woke up Thursday morning to graffiti throughout their quiet neighborhood, located just south of 33rd between Bryant and Coltrane.

Now residents of the Spring Hill subdivision are sounding off about the vandalism.

A sign tagged with graffiti is just one of the targets throughout the neighborhood. Several spots along the road were hit with black spray paint.

The suspect or suspects spray painted vulgar words and images throughout the neighborhood, tagging nine cars, signs and the neighborhood playground where children play. The homeowners' association sent out a notice to residents in the area.

Much of the paint was cleaned off quickly. Police estimate the damage for each car to be about $200 to $500, but more than anything it caused a headache for the victims.

Although it's hard to say who committed the vandalism, police say in the past it's been a group of bored kids.

The good news for investigators is that there is at least one house in the area with a security camera system. Police are going through that video to see if they can identify any suspects.