Auditing Firm Asks Those Affected By OKC Bombing To Call Hotline

Monday, January 14th 2013, 7:04 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Those impacted by the Oklahoma City bombing are now being asked to call a hotline as part of an audit into the Bombing Disaster Relief Fund.

A national CPA firm is investigating how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation handled the donated funds. The OCCF agreed to the audit after it was reported that $10 million dollars still remained in the funds, and several bombing victims came forward saying they were denied assistance.

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On April 19, 1995 Darrel McKnight was working for EMSA. When he responded, he was assigned to the south side of the building where the daycare was.

"There was nothing we could do for any of them that were passed out to me," he remembers.

He would never recover.

"I have PTSD, major depressive disorders, severe anxiety," he recalls.

He eventually turned to meth to self-medicate.

"In 2009, I went homeless along with my at the time 9-year-old son, my wife and dog," said McKnight.

He spoke to News 9 from his therapists office. He's been sober now for more than two years and trying to get back on his feet. He learned from news coverage of the disaster relief fund and called to ask for help. He says he never heard back.

"For my issues that I called and asked for assistance to just be flat out ignored, I feel re-victimized," he said.

He will be calling the hotline to share his story.

The auditing firm, BKD, is asking for anyone impacted by the bombing to call them.

"We don't put any restriction on who should call, how many times they call, and we look at the information literally on the daily basis," said Jim Snyder, managing partner of BKD Forensics & Valuation Services.

Snyder says the phone line is another avenue to get information for their audit and they have already heard from victims. McKnight says he hopes it will lead to answers so many are asking for.

"That's the issues I have with the disaster relief fund is they're so tight fisted with these donations that good people made," said McKnight.

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Some bombing victims say they are nervous about calling the hotline. But Snyder with BKD says people can call anonymously if they want.

That hotline number is 855.858.3344.